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Hello!! I am Zoe Economides!

I am probably the biggest Taylor Swift and Rupaul's Drag Race fan you will ever meet. I go to concerts any second I can get; it is a lifestyle. I am that person who sits on the sidewalk for hours outside a venue just to get to the front of the pit. I have a collection of autographs from all my favorite singers and a wide collection of vinyl records as well. I always have the best playlists for when I am painting sets, I take it very seriously!

I am a scenic painter in my senior year at Columbus State University, graduating in May 2024. I have done painting internships at the Des Moines Metro Opera and Texas Shakespeare Festival. At CSU when I am not scenic painting, you can find me working as an assistant in the scene shop or occasionally sound designing. I am also often in the print making lab pulling prints for my art minor. 

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